Machaira Staffing Solutions.   For all your labour needs

Xiphos Security Services.
For all your Security needs

Dolon Health Services
Supplying medical staff.

We supply and manage contract staff, temporary and permanent staff for businesses.
Our services includes managing the total workforce or operations at a production rate.

We supply labour in warehousing, manufacturing plants, call centres, construction and office staff.

Full payroll services (VIP and Pastel)

We manage unions, strikes, dismissals, the CCMA, annual wage negotiations or any disciplinary issues, thereby reducing costs and risks, whilst improving production for your company.


1.) Imporved Business Focus

2.) Access to World-Class HR capabilities

3.) Accelerated Re-engineering Benefits

4.) Shared Risks

5.) Free Resources for other purposes.

Our promise to you is our commitment, professionalism and excellent service, backed by a dedicated management team that has your interests at heart.

We believe in being proactive rather than reactive.

We offer and provide cost-effective security solutions.

Xiphos Security Services will give you - our clients peace of mind and will ensure that your buildings, facilities, and other assests is secured, looked after and protected against fires, theft, sabotage and other security threaths.

Dolon Health Services offers a combination of home health care and public and private services to the Western Cape Region.

We believe taht by employing competent and well-educated staff and providing them with organized and responsive management, we can become the Health care solution agency of choice in the Western Cape.

We provide nurses for all critical care areas including general, cardiothoracic,peadiatric and neonatal intensive care.

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